NEWSROOM: 18 December - 24 December 2005

  Aana Alofi No. 3 MP, Fagafagamanuali'i Theresa McCarthy arrives at SDUP camp with supporters; SDUP leader Le Mamea Ropati greets Fagafagamanualii and supporters.
 Sogi, Samoa
(Photo: Lagi Keresoma - 24 December 2005)

Aana Alofi No. 3 District seek ministerial post for candidate
24 December 2005 - Source:

" of the reason why we decided to support SDUP, is because we have seen the suffering of our people.....remember our candidate and give her a ministerial post if you come to power.....if not Deputy Prime Minister," said Palau. While the request brought laughter on both sides, but the district orator Palau Tatupu was serious as he continued to make his point clear.

It was an emotional moment when members of Aana Alofi No. 3 district handed over their 2006 candidate, Member of Parliament, Fagafagamanuali'i Theresa McCarthy to SDUP camp. Tofilau Tafu, spokesperson for SDUP was quick to express SDUP's feeling towards the districts "wise decision." "Where Le Mamea is, Fagafagamanuali'i should also be," according to Tofilau.

The Fagafagamanualii admitted that it "was not an easy decision to make. The MP has been compared to the biblical Esther, who risked all for her people. According to Palau, Fagafaga (shorten for her matai title) has risked the wrath of Satapuala's Sa'oali'i and that of the ruling HRPP party, by opting to listen and follow the advise of the district to support SDUP.

Palau also told the gathering the hope of the district, for "this relationship to last a long and fruitful friendship." He however forewarned SDUP not to take their (district) decision lightly.

Ga Sakalia, a prominent figure in Satapuala said that the "Sa'oali'i Toalepa'iali'i can say whatever he feels like, but that wont change Satapuala and the districts decision" He did confirm that Satapuala is split over their support of Fagafagamanuali'i and Toalepaiali'i.

The district of Aana Alofi No. 3 is made up of five villages, Fasitoo-tai, Satapuala, Vailuutai, Faleatiu and Satui ma Lufilufi.

New Residual Places Work Permit Policy for Samoa Quota in place
24 December 2005 - Source: Media Release – NZ Labour Department

A new Residual Places Work Permit policy was put in place this week specifically to allow for people who have already applied for residence under the (Samoan) Residual Quota Places Policy or the Residual Pacific Access Category Places polices and whose applications have not yet been decided.

The new Residual Places Work Permit Policy was approved by the Minister of Immigration and came into effect on Monday 19 December 2005.

Under the Residuals Places Policy, people from Samoa and the four Pacific Access Category countries of Tonga, Fiji, Tuvalu and Kiribati who were in New Zealand lawfully at the time, were invited to apply by 31 March 2005 for residence, provided they came forward with a genuine offer of continued employment and that they met normal residence criteria including health and character requirements.

Many more residence applications were received under the residual places policies than there were places available. The Government is now making an extra 1000 places available to these existing applicants.

The decision by the Immigration Minister and the New Zealand Government to introduce the new Residual Places Work Permit Policy to these people was to ensure that these people can continue to work while awaiting a decision on their residence application. Those applicants who were granted work permits enabling them to take up their job offers until their residence application can be decided can now apply under the Pacific Quotas Residual Places Work Permit Policy to have their work permits renewed until 30 September 2006.

There are requirements for the grant of this permit.

The Residual Work Permit policy is available only to applicants who have already applied for residence under either the Samoan Quota residuals or the Pacific Access Category residuals policy.
They must also have held a current work permit continuously from 19 December 2005 up to the date they apply to renew their work permit AND They must be either currently working for a New Zealand employer or ‘have a genuine offer of a job from a New Zealand employer.

While all excess applications under the Residuals Policy cannot be lapsed – these remain active until they are processed and decided upon, a new policy came into affect on 28 November 2005 that requires any new application to be made in any future release of Pacific Quota residual places, can be lapsed once sufficient applications have been received to fill available places. “Lapsed” applications would have their application form and fee returned to them.

For further details on this press release, contact Lauano Ati Ilaoa, Ph (04) 915-6312 or mobile 027-244-3749


  Newly elected JAWS Executive: Treasurer - Angela Polu, Deputy Secretary - Malia Sio, President Papalii Uale Taimalelagi, Secretary - Cherelle Jackson.
 Apia, Samoa
(Photo: Lagi Keresoma - 23 December 2005)

Journalist Association of Samoa (JAWS) elects new executive
23 December 2005 - Source:

The Journalist Association of Samoa (JAWS) at their Annual General meeting this week, elected a new Executive Committee. The outgoing Executive – Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, Vicky Lepou and Gardenia Brighouse.

Papali’i Uale Taimalelagi of the Government Press Secretariat office is now the President elect, Secretary is Cherelle Jackson a freelance journalist, Deputy Secretary is Malia Sio of the Samoa Observer newspaper, Treasurer is Angela Polu of Le Samoa Newspaper.

The new executive will meet again early next year to elect two supporting members to the executive.

Vaimauga i Sisifo MP Patu Ativale asks constituents for patience
23 December 2005 - Source:

Member of Parliament for Vaimauga West, Patu Ativalu Togi II has told his constituency' to be patient after several voters complained that he and colleague MP Sililoto Tolo, did nothing for their district in the last five years.

Patu said that it is not easy being an opposition member. According to Patu, no matter how often or persistent an Opposition MP is with its district’s requests, the ruling Government will always attend to its members requests’ first.

Patu said that "the MP's only need to remind the Government of what is needed to upgrade or develope certain town area... the MP's need not request the assistance, because their constituency is within the 2 miles township parameters."

Patu made reference to areas destroyed by cyclone Heta last year which still needed the Government’s attention, but because "we are in the opposition; Government is not doing anything to it."

According to Patu if he wins the upcoming election and SDUP is successful to become Government, he will then be in a better position to serve his constituency.

Some of the things he hopes to developed include better education for everyone, good and clean water supplies, reduction of water and electricity rates, more land opportunities for families and reduction of crime rates within the district.

Patu believes that crime is increasing. He said "SDUP's slogan, family first" is the absolute solution. Patu believes that when families have nothing to fall on to, the only resort is to "commit a crime"

On the issue of unarmed police, Patu believes that it is about time a law is passed to allow police officers to carry weapons for their own protection. Several incidents saw police officers being shot at. "All the police have is the uniform, and that won’t save them from bullets." The police need to have something for their own self defense.

Patu was a teacher for 14 years before joining the police force for 27 years.

His message to his constituency is " Please, be patient ... we joined the Opposition with the hope to change the Government .....God will show us the right way.”


  Samoa Housing Corporation new office at Matafele: SHC CEO Matautia Rula Levi with ALCC Brown owners; Sara Telefoni; Rev. Senara with MP Levaa Sauaso, SHC staff.
 Apia, Samoa
(Photos: Lagi Keresoma - 22 December 2005)

Samoa Housing Corporation move to new office at Matafele
22 December 2005 - Source:

Yesterday’s official opening of the Samoa Housing Corporation (SHC) head office at Matafele was a special event for the corporation, being the owner of the new facility.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi in his keynote address made reference to the 1990 cyclone Ofa which devastated Samoa, “Ofa destroyed many of the houses in Samoa, so the Government decided to set up SHC to help “those who could not afford to loan from the banks” to rebuild their homes.

According to Tuilaepa, banks usually require freehold land to guarantee a loan, but with SHC, “as long as there is someone working to repay the loan.”

SHC Chief Executive Officer Matautia Rula Levi acknowledged former CEO, the late Fa’amausili Folomalo Toelupe, who saw the development of SHC in the last 15 years.

Sarah Telefoni, wife of SHC Minister Misa Telefoni, cut the ribbon to open the new facility following a short service led by EFKS Falelatai church minister Reverend Senar.

Samoa Democratic United Party expects more candidates
22 December 2005 - Source:

Last week, Samoa Democratic United Party (SDUP) Leader Le Mamea Ropati announced that 57 candidates have registered with their party, yet only 44 candidates were listed in their media release early this week.

But according to SDUP, they are expecting more candidates from districts that have yet to decide on a party for their running candidates.


VAIMAUGA SISIFO: Patu Ativalu Togi II; Sililoto Tolo


FALEATA I SISIFO: Ulugia Aukuso Ulugia Simo

SAGAGA LE FALEFA: Patea Satini Epati


AANA ALOFI NUMERA TASI: Maiava Visekota Peteru; Tulilo Paulo; Vai Suemalo Lipa Vaoga

AANA ALOFI NUMERA LUA: Letelemaana Talalelei Rees


AIGA I LE TAI: Mulipola Oliva Mulipola


LEFAGA & FALEASEELA: Le Mamea Ropati Mualia

SAFATA: Seve Sung Chan Chui; Seve Leutaafale Ruta Tofaeono; Tuia Logoiai Pu’a Letoa


FALEALILI: Fuimaono Te’i Chan Kau; Alaimoana Esau Ropati Alaimoana

LOTOFAGA: Fata Siaosi



ALEIPATA ITUPA I LALO: Paepaeauitle Kapeli Sua

VAA O FONOTI: Togia’i Fuatau Eteuati Faiilagi

ANOAMAA I SASAE: Lealaisalanoa Francis Nickel

ANOAMAA I SISIFO: Leota Leuluaialii Ituau Ale

FAASALELEAGA NUMERA TASI: Tofilau Tauvaga; Tuilimu Paletasala Manuele; Taotua Ioane Matamua; Leauanae Makiasi




GAGAEMAUGA NUMERA TASI: Tauiliili Isitolo Mika


GAGAEMAUGA NUMERA TOLU: Seuamuli Sapio Tooala; Maiava Fa’afuata Lafoga




VAISIGANO NUMERA TASI: Lealiifano Iopu Tanielu


FALEALUPO: Aeau Peniamina Leavai

ALATAUA I SISIFO: Pei Tautali Fa’atiga; Seuula Ioane

SALEGA: Leilua Manuao; Tapuai Toese


SATUPAITEA: Asiata Saleimoa Vaai

PALAULI: Laulu Ianeta Tui Laulu


INDIVIDUAL VOTERS: Taimang Jessen; Michael Edward Hunt.

  Rev. Fiti Aloalii and members of the Congregational Church of Jesus in Samoa (CCJF) performing at the 13 Days To Christmas musical program at the EFKS Vaitele-uta church.
 Vaitele, Samoa
(Photos: Lagi Keresoma - 21 December 2005)

13 Days to Christmas musical program count down
21 December 2005 - Source:

This year’s 13 Days to Christmas musical program at Vaitele-uta EFKS church is in its ninth year since its inception by the late Reverend Faitala Talapusi.

Each evening a choir is invited to perform Christmas carols at the Vaitele-uta EFKS church. The evening program is a popular outing for the public and is also televised on SBC TV.

Last Sunday the Congregational Church of Jesus in Samoa (CCJF), led by Reverend Fiti Aloalii was guest choir, and a popular favorite of the viewing public. The message of sharing and loving each other has been a key message for this festive season.

Host and EFKS Vaitele-uta church minister Reverend Fomai Lafaiali’i is credited for continuing the 13 Days to Christmas program which the late Reverend Faitala Talapusi started before taking up post at the World Church Council in Geneva. Faitala passed away in May this year.

The program ends on the 24th December.

Epenesa Tangatauli and Toosavili Tau join in marriage
21 December 2005 - Source:

The union of Epenesa Tangatauli and Toosavili Atimalala Tau last week-end is definitely going to be a common scene though out the festive season. The Christmas and New Year holidays is a favorite time for weddings in Samoa, especially with many relatives visiting from overseas.

Epenesa and Toosavili’s wedding ceremony was conducted by Reverend Atepana Alama at the Fa’atoia Congregation Church, followed by the wedding reception at the Magiagi church hall.

Epenesa is the second eldest of seven children of Tautalaso’o and Uelese Tangatauli of Maagao while Toosavili is the youngest of Avau and Uini Tau’s seven children of Magiagi.

Epenesa works at the Samoa National Provident Fund; was educated at Avele College before entering the Universities Preparatory Year. Toosavili is a graduate of Malua Theological College with a Diploma in Theology."

  Western Union Money Express function at Chopstick Restaurant for business partners and associates; a leading money transfer company in Samoa and the Pacific.
 Matautu, Samoa
(Photos: Lagi Keresoma - 20 December 2005)

Western Union hosts function for business partners
20 December 2005 - Source:

Apia is certainly bussing with work X-mas dos. A time to reflect on the “up’s and down’s” of 2005 as well as setting plans for the year to come.

Western Union Money Express was no exception by hosting a special function to thank their business partners and those who they have worked together throughout the year.

Western Union is one of the leading money express company in Samoa and the Pacific. It has served the country for more than ten years having several outlets both in Savaii and Upolu.

Samoa Democratic United Party and Samoa Broadcasting Corporation
20 December 2005 - Source:

SDUP continues to accuse everyone this week for disagreeing with its views on SBC broadcasting policies. This is quite educational. It shows that SDUP does not value anyone else’s views except its own on any issue. It suggests that SDUP is right all the time and everybody else is wrong.

According to SBC presenter Mr Lave Tuiletufuga, he went to the SDUP weekly conference but was told that SBC was no longer welcome on the premises. So he left. It turned out that the main reason for SDUP’s decision was its dissatisfaction with SBC’s editing policies. Editing is part and parcel of the Media’s broadcasting or publishing process! This is strange conduct from a client who never pays for its programmes.

But wait. SDUP is now claiming that they were banned by SBC! This is incredible. One begins to wonder whether medical assistance is required urgently to determine the mental state of SDUP leaders. Government has a scheme to help those who cannot be treated locally. They are sent overseas for treatment either in New Zealand or Australia. Government, of course, meets the costs.

SDUP also claims that Cabinet Ministers interfere with “the daily running” of public bodies. Again Le Mamea does not seem to understand that Cabinet Ministers deal only with policies. And the administrative responsibilities are vested in the Chief Executive Officers and their staff. Ministers therefore do not interfere nor waste their valuable time with the operational aspects of the organization. No wonder Le Mamea keeps asking for the dismissal of the Health Minister whenever an electrical fault develops at hospitals. The Minister does not change light bulbs or deal with administrative matters, pure and simple.

Le Mamea appears obsessed with Russia and Cold War Communist Europe. Has Le Mamea ever considered that his expressed thoughts and beliefs reflect exactly the kind of philosophy that Communism stands for? We now see that Le Mamea, will see to it that nothing negative about him or SDUP would be aired by SBC if he comes into power, if ever that is.

Samoa and its people have now been given a glimpse into the sort of dictatorial iron-fisted leadership of a Le Mamea regime. And the thought and prospects are indeed worrisome.

Though this office is not aware of how SBC has been airing BBC news, congratulations are in order for Le Mamea and his foreign adviser on their successful crusade to deny our people access to this important news channel.

This office is sure most of our people who ritualistically wake up early to catch the BBC morning news appreciate Le Mamea’s efforts.

The Debt Burden, Budget and Future Generation. SDUP has made some slight progress. At least someone checked and picked out one figure. But he did not pick out the debt burden etc. Study again. At the rate SDUP is going by the time Le Mamea finally understands this financial year’s budget, we should be well into mid 2007!

Remember every country borrows to supplement its limited resources. If we wait until we have enough revenue ourselves we would never be where we are today.

In any event it is not the totality of the debt that matters. It is rather the capacity to pay. And we do have very strong debt-service capacity, which explains why Samoa’s requests for loans continue to receive favourable consideration from International Funding Agencies. Remember also, Samoa continues to be quoted by International Authorities as the best performing economy in the South Pacific.

The whole argument about debt burden and future generation is fraught with irrational thoughts and unsupported assumptions. The terms for most loans fall within the lifetimes of the same generation that exists when the loan was disbursed. So the same taxpayers that incurred the loan are paying and the benefit streams are also received by the same taxpayers. The flow on benefits will continue into the future benefiting as well future generations. Much of what is written about the debt burden and future generations has been based on views of people that are ignorant of the issues involved.

The debt burden will be better understood if we begin to consider in depth our own personal situation. Le Mamea spoke on the day of his hotel’s dedication that when he ran out of his own family funds, he had to borrow millions of dollars from the Development Bank of Samoa to complete his project. Undoubtedly the Bank trusted his ability to pay the loan, taking note of the fact that he is a wealthy businessman and that he will be able to pay the loan during his lifetime. Without the loan component Le Mamea might never have been able to build his hotel. It is the same situation for Samoa as well. If Samoa did not borrow, we would be severely restricted in our drive to develop our economy to where it is today.

As for the Games facilities, our national team’s recent Rugby sevens successes in Dubai and George, South Africa is evidence of the benefits of having access to high performance weightlifting facilities, and international coaching it attracts. The benefits of the Games facilities are now being experienced, two years before the Games take place!

The rest of the release deals with non-issues which therefore require no response.

  Hon. Polataivao Fosi Schmidt with wife Ipu and son La’auli Leuatea pictured early this year with family friends Teleiai Su’a Edwin and Rosa Puni at Maota Samoa, their family establishment.
 Vaitele, Samoa
(Photos: Lagi Keresoma - 19 December 2005)

Former Government Minister Polataivao Fosi Schmidt has died
19 December 2005 - Source:

Former Cabinet Minister Polataivao Fosi Schmidt has died after a long period of dialysis treatment, first in New Zealand then returned to Samoa when the dialysis unit at Motootua was established earlier this year.

Polataivao was a founding member of the ruling political party, the Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) and one of the longest serving member of Parliament while representing the constituency of Gagaifomauga Number 3. He entered Parliament in 1964 and resigned from parliament in 1999 citing ill health, the same year he and his family left for New Zealand for health treatment.

Last Friday HRPP declared La’auli Leauatea Schmidt, Polataivao’s son, as their running candidate to contest the Gagaifomauga Number 3 seat in next year’s general election.

Many people remember Polataivao as “King Pola”, former Samoa heavy weight boxer and owner of the popular Apollo 11 night club and chain of stores around Upolu and Savaii in the early 60s and 80s.

Preparations for his funeral are yet to be finalized.

Human Rights Protection Party announce 2006 candidates
19 December 2005 - Source:

The ruling political party, Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) last Friday announced their 2006 election

candidates. HRPP Leader Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi showed confidence in the number of candidates.

VAIMAUGA I SASAE: Tuisugaletaua Sofara Aveau

VAIMAUGA SISIFO: Tuiletufuga Siaosi, Tafeamaalii Alofoe, Anauli Pofitu Fesili, Siligatusa Semi Lesa.

FALEATA I SASAE: Lepou Petelo.

FALEATA I SISIFO: Ulu Vaomalo Ulu Kini.

SAGAGA LE FALEFA: Mua’iava Tino Umu Toeiava, Leatupu’e Pili, Faumuina Laniselota Polu.

SAGAGA LE USOGA: Taliaoa Pita.

AANA ALOFI NUMERA TASI: Toleafoa Faafisi, Aiono Tile Gafa.

AANA ALOFI NUMERA LUA: Tolofua i va lelei Leiataua.

AANA ALOFI NUMERA TOLU: Fagafaga Manualii Theresa McCarthy, Vae o le nofoa Fiu Tapasu, Aana ma Aitu Pasitale, Manu Taialofa Naseri.

AIGA I LE TAI: Levaa Sauaso.


LEFAGA & FALEASEELA: Iputau Sami, Masinalupe Tusipa Masinalupe.

SAFATA: Palusalue Faapo ll, Auseugaefa Vaasatia Poloma Komiti, Leota Suatele Manusegi.

SIUMU: Tuuu Anasii Leota.

FALEALILI: Tuiloma Lameko, Fuimaono Puleimanufiu Fa’asopo.

LOTOFAGA: Fiame Naomi Mataafa.

LEPA: Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.

ALEIPATA ITUPA I LUGA: Taua Kitiona Seuala,

ALEIPATA ITUPA I LALO: Utuga Fa’amanatu, Tautua Leau Filemoni, Tautoloitua Farani Posala.

VAA O FONOTI: Ofealeniu Ioane Hunt, Leilua Leota Tautasi, Leao Dr. Talalelei Tuitama.

ANOAMAA I SASAE: Moefaauo Lufilufi.

ANOAMAA I SISIFO: Fonotoe Piere Lauofo

FAASALELEAGA NUMERA TASI: Tiata Pulufaga, Gatoloai Faaga Amataga Tofilau, Pa’u Sefo, Tuilagi Iakopo.


FAASALELEGA NUMERA FA: Mulitalo Siafausa Vui.


GAGAEMAUGA NUMERA LUA: Faasootauloa Pati Taulapapa.



GAFAIFOMAUGA NUMERA LUA: Safune i Tuuga Paaga Neri.

GAGAIFOMAUGA NUMERA TOLU: Laauli Leuatea Schmidth.


VAISIGANO NUMERA LUA: Toleafoa Maukeni, Motupuaa Aisoli Lesa.

FALEALUPO: Gisa Fuata’i, Solia Sefo.

ALATAUA I SISIFO: Tua’i Aufai Latu.

SALEGA: Toomata Alapati Poese, Tapua’i Sepulona.

PALAU I SISIFO: Tamala Uilisone, Afoa Faleulu Mauli, Amituanai Tausisi.

SATUPAITEA: Tavu’i Iose Grey, Selesele Tanielu Asiata.

PALAULI: Autagavaia Lave.

PALAULI LE FALEFA: Faumuina Tiatia Liuga.

INDIVIDUAL VOTERS: Hans Joachim Keil, Niko Li Hang.

  Village women’s committees displaying I’e Samoa in front of the Government Building as part of a Government community project; each fine mat can take up to a year to produce.
 Apia, Samoa
(Photos: Lagi Keresoma - 18 December 2005)

Government must be credited for the revival of the I’e Samoa
18 December 2005 - Source:

Government can certainly take credit in the revival of the I’e Samoa with the ongoing support programs that last week saw village women’s committees displaying their valuable work in front of the Government Building.

I’e Samoa possesses the texture of linen and is the finest and most valued of the Samoan fine mats, commonly known as I’e Toga.

I’e Samoa has recently been revived by the Samoa Government with standard measurement set at ten by eight ‘aga’ (aga = the length of your feet); which can take up to a year or more to produce one.

I’e Samoa is greatly sought after by Samoans and Tongans to keep as family heirlooms. Because the weaving process is very time consuming, the art of weaving genuine I’e Samoa is diminishing with a limited number available for sale.

With the Government also discouraging the use of the ‘lalaga’ or the standard fine mats. The I’e Samoa is once again becoming a premium Samoan trading merchandise.

Two doctors alleged to reapply for work at the TTM hospital
18 December 2005 - Source:

Two doctors who went on strike are said to have reapplied for work at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole hospital. source said that the doctors’ decision to return to work was influenced by family members who hold top posts in the Government.

Public Service Commission (PSC) could not confirm this but referred the issue to the Ministry of Health Chief Executive Officer.

Conflicting information has been circulating over the Tuasivi free clinic that was organsised by the striking doctors. According to information provided, the principal of Tuasivi College, which is a CCCS school, allowed the doctors to conduct the free clinic service for the people of Savai’i “who needed it badly.”

But according to the Ministry of Health it is illegal for any doctor to conduct clinics at places not registered as proper places.


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