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How to Set Your Freelance Rates

Being a freelance writer, one competes against many writers who are skilled as he or she is. Moreover, one competes as well against unskilled writers who provide their writing services at relatively low charges. These writers have the ability and, indeed, do get jobs. More often than not, one tempts him or herself to lower their rates to match or rather beat the bids to obtain the endeavor. Do not do that! It is because, as a professional, one needs not to lower his or her rates or even work for a deficient pay.

A good number of unskilled writers tend to lower rates, certainly that which is below what the skilled writers charge. If the skilled writers or rather the real professionals, do not keep their prices up, this would even bring about a bigger problem. Simply because writers from other nations feel entitled to work for up to eight or nine dollars every hour, it does not mean you should. One is able to earn way much better than a good number of freelance writers, and surely more than freelance writers who could be speaking very little English though still bid on the English speaking jobs at greatly lower costs.

Create some time to visit a writer’s workplace, and that is when you can notice the various kinds of proposals and prices of bids. You are certainly not likely to see how these writers finally settled for their bid prices, be it what or what not to make part of their bid proposals. Almost in all cases, these writers are not aware of how they decided their bidding fees. It is normal to see the same project posting as part of various genres or price ranges. It appears ridiculous that a number of the same writers would bid on the very same projects with an entirely huge spread in the bids proposed.

The following three things should be done if you desire clients to take you seriously:

  1. Collect a retainer upfront before you begin.
  2. Come up with a website that lists your rates.
  3. Ensure you have consistent rates.

There is a need for freelance writers to be aware of that which they should charge in special regard to the work at hand. It varies depending on the market place involved. In regard to freelance writing, the bottom line is one is able to charge that which he or she desires to charge or even base your fees on whatever you would like to base them. The challenge comes in getting somebody who believes it is fairly priced hence paying for the service.

Freelance writing services are not easily available; worse still, a good number of these writers are absolutely difficult.  One needs not to be one of these freelance writers. A certified writer should decide on the charges and stick to them come what may. Maintaining the consistency of your fees allows for simple bookkeeping. You are a writer and not an accountant; therefore, simplicity in accounting should be your portion. In spite of how much work you receive, you should remain grounded and make your job enjoyable. Take things in a stride, and eventually, you shall reap a plum harvest in the form of money.

Rates are likely to vary depending on your specialization and experience. Above all, always ask yourself what worth your time and skills have.

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