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Sports Freelance Writing Jobs For You

With the influx of freelance content writers, you need to specify your niche. This aspect cuts across when you venture to a niche like sports. It is so vast hence you cannot cover all areas. You need to pick an area under sports such as soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, or other sports. Thus, as an aspiring or expert sports writer, you need to have some tips for landing yourself a good sports writing job.

Several sports websites require your expertise, and without showcasing your ability well, your chances of getting that job will be limited. Before you go applying for sports writing posts, here are some ways you can use to get freelance sports and science writing jobs.

Specify your Niche

As I said earlier, sports are so extensive, and you cannot get a freelance writing job. When you don’t have that, it will be hard to tell your potential client your area of expertise. In most cases, clients require someone who knows a sport. Don’t generalize on venturing in all games as it will be hard to learn about specific things of that sport.

Pitch Extra

If you want to get online attention, you need to pitch hard and extra. You need to send your content on different media outlets severally. Remember to send them unique and fresh content each week or if you can daily. When you do that, your chances of getting your articles or blogs published will increase.

Own a Blog/Vlog

One of the ways to prove your expertise is by having your blog. When you have a blog, and it gains enough traffic, a client won’t think twice about hiring you. Apart from having a blog, you can create a YouTube channel where you will be informing your audience about the latest sports news.


When it comes to freelance sports writing, you need to have a plan. Without one, you cannot be successful. In everything you do, planning is a necessity. Sports writing strategy is about;

  • Knowing what you are going to write about
  • How to make the content exceptional and captivating
  • The number of times you are going to write content in a week or a month
  • How to capture the attention of my audience

These are the things you need to have in mind before you begin to think of becoming a freelance content writer.

Be Zealous

To progress as a freelance sports writer, you need to be zealous. Sports is something that comes from your heart. You cannot write an excellent article if you don’t have passion about the game. With the required passion, you will deliver the right content and in the best way. That, in return, will make your audience love your work.

Use Social Media

Currently, to gain popularity online, you need to make use of social media. It is one of the ways to reach millions of people. As you plan to become a sportswriter, you can share your work on social media pages, which in return, will get you a client.


If you want to become the best in the freelancing world. Then, these are some of the ways you need to use to get yourself sports writing gigs. Please share this article with all aspiring and expert sports freelance writers.

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